Why choose a farmhouse sink?


Originating in the late 17th century, the original farmhouse design actually pre-dated running water.  The large basin of the farmhouse sink was used to store water as it was gathered from local wells and rivers.    The depth of this sink was also useful in bathing children, as filling entire bathtubs was difficult at the time.


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In addition to the attractive look farmhouse sinks, this model offers several useful benefits to the homeowner.

  • The Farmhouse sink gives you an ample amount of space to work with, much more than traditional single basin sinks.
  • Farmhouse sinks are undermount installed, so cleaning and wiping your countertops is a lot easier than with typical topmounted sinks.
  • Many different sizes are available. Farmhouse sinks come in a variety of different depths, configurations, and gauges—the perfect option for your kitchen is out there!


you can buy the product above here http://eviersinks.com/evier-single-bowl-sinks/evier-pl-ha108


At Evier, we have great collection of farmhouse sinks available at some of the lowest prices online, including premium handmade models.  To learn more, visit: www.eviersinks.com



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