Kitchen Faucets types & styles

A new kitchen faucet can dramatically change the style of the room.  Today’s faucets are not only easier to use both functionally and in terms of durability, but they’ve also evolved into unique works of art.  If you haven’t looked at kitchen faucets in a while, you’ll be awed by the number of styles, sizes, finishes, and features that are available today.


The first thing to consider is mounting. A Deck Mount faucet is installed on the sink or behind it on the counter, and is commonly found in most kitchens.  If you prefer an easy-to-clean countertop, a Wall Mount faucet which is installed directly above the sink may be the best choice for you.  Once this mounting decision is made, you can move on to considering various handles, spout types, sprayers, finishes, and mechanism configurations.  In addition to looking great, here’s a look at a few of the other factors involved when selecting your new kitchen faucet.

Single Handle Faucets

Single handle faucets are equipped with one handle you move from side to side to control the hot and cold-water temperatures of the water.  Single handle faucets are easier to install, can be attached to the faucet or stand-alone, and require one or two sink holes. Many models come with a mounting plate to cover up three unused holes and a side sprayer that is integrated in the main faucet deck.

PL-8113 BN

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When it comes to the type of arc you select, it is important to make sure that the faucet’s spout will effectively reach the entire sink and that the size of the spout works with the size of the sink and the overall kitchen.

High Arc Spouts or Goosenecks

Also known as “Gooseneck” spouts, high arc faucets are generally 8” – 10” above the surface of the sink, providing more room to easily accommodate items such as pots and pans. While high arc faucets add style, they can cause splashing in a shallow sink.

PL-8213 BN


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Sprayers offer an added convenience that allows you to get close to whatever you are filling or cleaning – pots, vegetables, or the sink itself.  The targeted spraying with added water pressure gets you faster results.

Pull Down Faucet

Pull down faucets are equipped with faucet spouts that rise into a high arc, allowing the head to be pulled down into the sink. They are available for single or double handle faucets, allowing for more space and flexibility within the sink.

PL-8207 BN



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