Kitchen Mounting Techniques

Sink Mounting

Looking to remodel and need to decide which type of sink mounting style fits your kitchen best?  Check out our overview below of the three major styles carried by Evier: undermount, topmount, and apron!


Undermount sinks are popular due to their glamorous appeal and functionality. The edges of the countertop material are exposed around the basin as the sink is clamped to the countertop from below.  Sealants are then used to ensure that the surface is waterproof.  The result is a sleek, contemporary look as none of sink edges are now visible.

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Topmount sinks (also commonly known as drop-in sinks) have a visible lip surrounding the sink that sits atop the counter surface.  Topmount sinks are generally easier to install compared to other styles and are also often less expensive.  Since there is no gap between the countertop and the sink, clean-up is a breeze!


Apron sinks are a hot trend within the interior design world and are quite desirable to homeowners (which provide added resale property value)!  The front of the apron sink remains exposed which adds a decorative feel to the kitchen.  This Apron style sink requires very little reaching over to access the sink as it is closer to the edge of the counter, however this style requires pre-planning when installing your countertop.

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