Evier provides premium stainless steel sink products at nominal prices.  With over 20 years of experience selling interior building materials, our team at Evier strives to produce cutting edge sinks for every application.

Evier sinks are made from 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel, which contains the highest combination of nickel and chromium providing for long-term corrosion resistance and durability and is considered surgical quality. 

Additionally, Eviersinks.com carries a plethora of other high quality sinks and accessories from reputable US brands to provide an ever greater selection of products. These products are UPC certified and have been carefully selected by our team at Evier to deliver the highest level of quality and dependability for our customers.

      Evier Sinks is a subsidiary of Universal Granite & Marble inc.  Founded in 1999, Universal Granite and Marble is one of the largest natural stone suppliers in the United States. UGM is home to over 500,000 square feet of stone gallery and showroom space, with locations in Chicago IL, Detroit MI, Cleveland OH, Milwaukee WI, St. Louis, MO, and Omaha, NE.

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